Bob the Tooth Fairy Work in Progress

Well it’s four AM and again I lost track of time. There seems to be something magical about drawing where time just melts away. It can seem like it’s been only a few minutes and it’s been five or six hours. I love being an artist. Here’s another work in progress on the Bob the Tooth Fairy illustration I’m working on. Started to work on some of the lighting. Going for a different kind of vibe with this one. Used a lot of purples and blues and less saturated colors than I usually use. Also a different painting process using Corel Painter’s airbrush and captured acrylics brushes on several different layers set to screen and multiply modes. Very different process and way more layers than I’m used to working with but I do like the way the colors in the last couple of images have been less harsh than some of my other stuff. Less in your face I guess.

Work In Progress

Work In Progress


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