Advice Take_2

I had originally made this post to help a fellow artist. Now that turned out to be a mistake. They asked me to take down the artwork that they had originally posted for a crit on.

I just want to say a few things on this point. First off the reason I posted the artwork on my blog to begin with was because admin on the other site asked me not to post images on that board because it would take up too much space.

SO, my thinking was since the artist asking for a crit posted her images on a thread that is open to the public and not one that members of the site only could see. That it was OK to post my crit on my public blog and then insert a link to it in the original thread she had posted so that she could access it. Turns out that was not a good idea because there was some offence taken to it.

I’ve since removed the original crude scribble by the other artist and I just have a few words to say.

First off I know where this came from. Many established artists are up in arms (As they should be!) about people posting their finished, viable works of art on websites without permission. To me this is wrong and I agree with them 100% those works are still worth money and have rights still available for purchase.

Now here’s where this situation differs:

1- The artist posted on a public thread that any non member can access asking for help.
2- As much as I admire the artist for trying the art work was little more than a very crude scribble that looked very much as if a child had drawn it.
3- There was not commercial value to the image.
4-They asked for help?

Now I took time out of my schedule to crit the piece properly when I could have been working on something that would have made me money. Then the artist got angry with me for posting a public crit when she asked publicly for a crit.

Note to new artists. No one is trying to steal your scribbles. When someone takes the time to help after you’ve asked for it be grateful and use the advice.

I’m re-posting the crit I gave with the artist’s image removed because I feel it may be helpful to someone else. Now lets get back to drawing some cartoons.




2 thoughts on “Advice Take_2

  1. No good deed goes unpunished. I’d stay away from critiques. Most of the people asking for them can’t handle getting honest ones. I saw that post the first time around–you gave her good, honest, qualified advice. It’s apparent she’s not really interested in improving. She wanted to post her effort on grandma’s refrigerator door and receive accolades. Then run off in another direction–going from one temporary amusement to another. It’s the same with writing. I’ve encountered the same resistance and attitude with amateur writers in local groups. This is why people get gun-shy when critiquing for other members. So much easier to just gush over it and then move on. Damn shame.

  2. I agree with Yvette. So many people can’t handle an honest critique even when it’s gently given. I saw your original post and thought it was generous of you to find the time to help the new artist out. I also thought your advice was spot on. Don’t let that stop you from being part of a great community though!

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