A creative person in a non creative job….

I’m an illustrator. Down to the core of my being I LOVE illustration….but I’m a full time bookkeeper and a business manager…I have a genuine hate of my day job. I can’t really imagine a job less creative than mine.

It’s not just the few angry customers, the endless paperwork, and the boss that doesn’t seem to have a clue how to run the business….but it’s the total exhaustion I feel when I get home from work.

It makes me so angry that I’m too tired to do the thing I love….but that’s life and part of being a freelance illustrator. Powering through the grogginess and making those few freelance gigs you’ve managed to get the best you possibly can. So, someday someone will notice the hard work or you come up with a great idea that will make it possible to spend your whole day doing the thing you love. Until then, lunch is over, and it’s time to get back to the day job….me at work


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